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  • Spyware Definition
    • Sypware is a hidden program that is filter in the coputers in order to gather information from the register throught the internet without the knowledge of the user. This program has the following characteristics
      • Ability to monitor keystrokes
      • scan files on the hard drive
      • read cookies of your computer
      • change the default home page
      • Take information from the e-mails and even passwords of the credit card.
    • Important different between adware and spyware
      • Adware is a program that has almost the same characteristics that the sypware, but the user has a conscious that this program has been installed. In othre words, Adaware shows ads, gather information to the register, but it doesn't in a maliciuos way.
    • The study divided spyware into categories, depending on whether it posed 'minor', 'moderate' or 'severe' threats.
  • Effect of the Spywares in your computer and the society
    • Spywares generates development problems in your computer such as reduced in the speed of surfing internet and pop ups.
    • The security enterprise Aladdin has revealed that the attacks of the spywares has increased, and the attacks of ID also. The spyware running on enterprise computers is an "enormous threat" because there is absolutely no knowledge of the kinds of data being transmitted to the mother ship. "They're usually working over Port 80 so nothing is stopping it. The possibility for corporate espionage is enormous." vnunet.com
  • Anti-spyware software
    • There are a enormous variaty of softwares that offers this service of removing spywares from your computer
    • Companies such as Microsoft have been tracking the steps of the spywares and they have been doing some researchs in this area. Microsoft research. Windows One Care it is the product that has been tested right now.
    • Unfortunately protecting your computer from spyware isn't as easy as protecting yourself from viruses.  There isn't just one program that is going to solve the problem.  The reason being is that spyware programmers can re-invent their code very easily and new "variants" come out constantly.  The other reason is that spyware even though intrusive isn't considered malicious by "powers that be" yet.  However, I believe this sentiment is changing.
  • Spyware and the Laws
    • The state of Utah has also proposed legislation to address the problem of spyware, namely the Spyware Control Act (H.B.323). As discussed in the Disclosures section, I've had the opportunity to speak with Utah legislators on the subject of this legislation, including reviewing proposed wording and even making some suggestions. I've concluded that the bill would make good law -- would address and begin to correct some serious problems facing consumers, and would do so without serious damage to other important interests.
    • In the article of China Marten states that the creator of Loverspy, software to surreptitiously observe individuals' online activities, has been indicted for allegedly violating U.S. federal computer privacy laws.
    • This Loverspy case shows the social problems that a spyware can cause.
    • Symantec is suing a developer of adware in the US over its right to delete such programs.

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