Web privacy
  • Internet Privacy Issues
      Privacy issues these days are very dangerous issues these days. Privacy infractions can
      • ruin your credit
      • expose personal information
      • allow someone to steal your credit or
      • inquire information about your online habit.
        There are many sources for web privacy infractions and they attack schools, use AJAX and XQuery, gather information from retailers, and even the government has been accused of infringing on the web privacy of its citizens. This is a good overview of how to be safe while being apart of the online community.

    • Government privacy issues
        It is no suprise that the government has been involved in web privacy issues. The main reason is for security. Privacy has been an issue also on the government's website. In a report done a while back, many Federal websites failed the standards for internet privacy. This could be a very delicate issue considering the amount of information the government contains. Another issue with the government is how they will try to get information from companies on their customers. The Government did this with Northwest Airlines when they recieved information on the Northwest customers. The danger that can come about if someone was able to get into the government records is very dangerous and this is one of the big issues. Also, the government trying to access records of citizens and the right the government can have to get these records is also a very big issue in web privacy.

    • Companies and Retailer Web Privacy

      These days companies online have to protect their customer's data. If not personal information along with credit card numbers can fall into the wrong hands and we know what will happen then. This is one of the issues with online retailers but another is when the retailers sell their customer's information. If this is done then the customer will have a problem with who gets their personal information and can be annoyed by the companies that get their information. Usually third party companies are the ones buying this information. Toysmart was actually blocked by a privacy organization for doing this. This can be a scary issue because many people are buying items online and this only increases the risk of their information being sold. The information can go to third parties or into the wrong hands and this is where the problem starts.
    • Schools Struggle With Web Privacy
        These days there are thousands of students our there and many of them do not understand that the database for the school they are attending carries very personal information. If this information is exposed things like identity theft can occur. There were two instances of someone breaking into a database at Ohio University. One of the break in allowed the criminal to get 137,000 social security numbers. At Georgia Tech an intruder was able to steal 57,000 credit card numbers. Something similar happend at University of Texas in Austin when someone broke a server and got social security numbers and email addresses of more than 55,000 students, former students, and employees. George Mason was another school who was affected by someone breaking in and getting personal information. These breaks are very dangerous and make the people whose information was stolen very vulnerable to identity theft, credit card attacks and other issues. People who were affected should immediately cancel credit cards, and check personal records to makes sure no harm was or is being done to them.
    • AJAX and XQuery
        AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and is used to create intelligent web sites like Google. Although this language is very useful, some recent security flaws have been found. Some issues with AJAX are that clients are able to send corrupt data and perform an attack. Another risk is a user can do unauthorized privileges if there is no server-side protection. This obviously could cause a lot of problems if the wrong person is granted high access rights. This is similar with XQuery. The user can inject code to cause the program to perform functions which can cause corruption inside the program. These issues could turn out to be very harmful to applications and data and cause a multitude of problems.