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Study Guide

1. What is Internet Voting ?

        "Internet voting means the casting of a secure and
        secret electronic ballot that is  transmitted to election
        officials using the Internet.

2. Types of Internet Voting:

        Poll Site: Voting: Internet technology is added to the traditional
        voting locations.
        Kiosk Voting: Internet would be place at non traditional sites such
        as mall for convenience of people.
        Remote voting: Citizens would be able to vote from anywhere such
        as home or office.

3. Pros and Cons of Internet Voting:

        Some of the advantages that are with internet voting
        is that more people will be able to participate since it
        will be easier to vote from anywhere.
        It will also be cost effective; if everyone will use their own
        computers then less equipment will be needed to get voting done.
        Also their will be quick tally of the votes.

        Some of the disadvantages of the internet voting are security issues.
        Hackers are able to hack even the digital signatures that are used
        for security purposes. Also, The other concern is that of digital divide
        not everyone has a computer at home , so poor people will have less
        chance of voting.

4. Government concerns on Internet voting:

        Due to the growing interest in internet voting there have been many studies
        so far on how secured internet voting would be if its implied.  
        Also, many aspects of the internet voting are being explored
        to see if it should be implemented.

5. Future of internet voting:

        The internet voting the moves closer to reality now, defense department
        is now working with 10 states to develop web based voting program
        which could help many thousands of Americans living abroad to
        be able to vote.


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