Electromagnetic Radiation
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What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible lines of force that occur whenever electricity is being conducted. These forces occur from both natural sources such as the sun or atmospheric and solar disturbances, and from man-made sources including electric lighting, microwaves, televisions, cell phones and computers. Computer monitors generally emit an extremely low frequency field, called ELF.

Health risks of Electromagnetic Radiation using mobile phones and computers.

Computers and electronic devices such as mobile phones are an integral part of our work and personal lives. As a result, we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted by these machines.

There are more than more than 2 billion cell phone users in the world and this number is increasing rapidly worldwide. Due to the enormous increase in the use of wireless mobile telephony, mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised all across the globe. Mobile phones use electromagnetic waves in the microwave range to transmit and receive signals. High level exposure to electromagnetic radiation has the potential to do the following:

            Affect the growth of developing tissue

            Promote the growth of cancer cells

            Interfere with the cell processes and functions

            Alter neurological functions

            Alter the production of neurohormones

            Affect the function of the pineal gland and its hormone, melatonin

            Influence the dopamine, opiate, and pineal systems, which in turn interact with the immune system

However, there is no scientific proof that these biological effects will happen to people using a computer in everyday situations. Computers are just one of the many sources of electromagnetic fields that we are exposed every day. However, you should take steps to reduce your exposure whenever possible.

In the past there were claims that exposure to Video Display Terminals would cause miscarriage on the pregnant women. Now those claims have been discredited as numerous studies have proved that Video Display Terminals do not cause the miscarriage.