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1. Misinformation

o       What is a hoax? CIAC

o       Misinformation Paul S. Piper infotoday.com

o       Definition of Misinformation Elizabeth E. Kirk

o       Misinformation about.com

o       Misinformation in the Wake of Tragedy Rachel Konrad, Jim Hu Cnet.com

o       The National Fraud Institute


2. Taking Action Against Misinformation

o       How to Deal with Lies about your Company Internet Scambusters

o       Evaluating Internet Resources virtualsalt.com

o       Critical Evaluation of Resources on the Internet University of Alberta NEW!


3. Examples of Misinformation

o       Archive of Misinformation Hoaxes snopes2.com

o       List of Hoaxes stiller.com


4. Hoaxes

o       What is a Hoax and How Can I Deal with it? David Emery about.com

o       Current Hoaxes about.com

o       Hoax Pages CIAC NEW!

o       How to Spot and Email Hoax about.com

o       The Risk and Cost of Hoaxes CIAC NEW!

o       History of Internet Hoaxes CIAC NEW!

o       Hoaxes and Hypes Sarah Gordon IBM T.J.Watson Research Center NEW!

o       Virus Hoaxes Computing Services Science and Engineering Support NEW!

o       Characteristics of a Hoax Ronald B. Standler NEW!

o       Proper Response to Hoaxes Ronald B. Standler NEW!

o       Social Engineering on the Internet Jon Miyake Computing News NEW!


5. Urban Legends

o       What are Urban Legends? about.com

o       Archive of Urban Legends about.com

o       How to Spot and Urban Legend about.com

o       Urban Legends Reference snopes.com NEW!

o       Recent Urban Legends and Folklore about.com NEW!


6. Folklore

o       What is Folklore? New York Folklore Society

o       Folklore Stories americanfolk.com

o       American Folklife American Folklife Center


8. Slacktivism

o       What is Slacktivism? wikipedia.org NEW!

o       Internet Petitions snopes.com NEW!

o       The power of 'slacktivism' artsjournal.com NEW!




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