Codes of Ethics

Discussion Questions

Code Of Ethics

1. Go through some of the different codes of ethics. What are some common characteristics between various codes? What
are some of the differences?
2. Who, in your mind, should determine what type of information should be placed in a code of ethics?
3. Should we strictly abide to rules in a code of ethics? What are some exceptions?
4. What type of influence does a code of ethics have on the Internet?

Ethics and the Internet

1. In your opinion, do you think individuals will be more or less ethical while on the Internet? Why or why not?
2. What are some common behavioral characteristics that are considered unethical concerning the Internet?
3. What types of companies or organizations have to worry about unethical people using the Internet?
4. What are some issues that need to be address with the progress of technology, such as the Internet, and the formation of
5. As the Internet progresses, more opportunities will become available, such as commerce on the Internet, education, and
entertainment. What are some steps that we can take as a society to make sure that everyone, including the poor, can
have equal opportunities in the future?
6. How should the progress of education and the Internet proceed? What are some benefits? What are some problems?
7. What are some of the issues that we must face as we continually expand with the Internet? Explain, for example, the
development of human relationships based on a society that works, buys, and is entertained via the Internet.