Study Guide

About Spam

  • Field Guide to Spam

    • A Guide developed by Dr. John Graham-Cumming with a selection of the tricks spammers use to hide their messages from filters, providing examples taken from real-world spam messages.
    • There are many tricks that spammers use such as the pop-up windows or emails with the word “FREE” in red and bold.
  • A Plan For Spam
    • This article describes a plan using spam-filtering techniques used in the new spamproof web-based mail reader in order to stop spam.
    • This approach uses statistics and probability with filtering research and spam filtering to devise a way to stop spam.
  • Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
    • A six-month research project was done by the Center for Democracy and Technology to see the different ways that email addresses came about getting on spam lists.
    • The results were dependent on where the email addresses were used.
    • This report gives Internet users an insight about the online behavior of spam and destroys some of the myths.
  • New Meaning For Spam
    • Marketers have a new meaning for spam.
    • Spam is not about contents, it’s about consent.
    • This article explores the ideas of the Direct Marketing Association when it comes to spam and misleading the public.

Spam Killers

  • Many different programs are out there to keep spam away from your email accounts and each does it in a different way.
  • The SpamBouncer is set of instructions, which search the headers and text of your incoming email to see if it meets one or more of the program’s conditions.
  • Anti-Spam! is a page that is designed to keep spammers from getting your email address and all you have to do is link to it.
  • Death To Spam is a guide to dealing with unwanted email with techniques available to defend your inbox.
  • SpamAssassin is another mail filter to identity spam using header and text analysis and blacklists.
  • Fighting spam is an uphill battle but luckily there are many weapons available and many of them are listed here.

Spam Laws

How to Deal with Spam

  • When it comes to dealing with spam most people don’t know where to start, which is where this pages comes in and helps us know what to do to handle spam.
  • What better way to combat spam than to make a list of people who do not want it, just like the no call list.

Responses to Spam