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1. Do computers enhance safety in cars?

Computers play a vital role in hundreds of aspects in today's cars. They have proven effective and reliable in improving the safety of the passengers. Without on-board computers, cars would not have many important safety features.

These include:

    • airbags (protection from high impact crashes)
    • emergency sensors (detection of immediate engine dangers)
    • anti-lock brakes (assist in sudden, controlled stops)
    • various other safety features inside/outside the engine

2. Can computers be dangerous in cars?

    • Yes, computers can create very dangerous situations when they fail. For example, computers can malfunction and disrupt electrical systems in cars, preventing doors and/or windows from being opened in emergency situations, such as a submerged vehicle or a vehicle on fire.
    • However, most computer failures in a car do not actually endanger anyone. In addition, most computer failures are investigated and designers are forced to improve their software/hardware.
    • Generally speaking, computer systems in cars are not dangerous. Numerous tests have shown that computers provide reliable safety for passengers.

3. Are computers distracting our driving?

  • Most of the computer components of a car are hidden and go unnoticed by the driver and the passengers.
  • However, new cars are often equipped with audio/video devices such as dvd players, televisions, and navigation systems. These new features have already proven to be distractions to the driver and the passengers. Since these features are not entirely for safety, many groups are already pushing for the devices to be removed or placed behind the driver.

4. Have computers affected the modern car?

Computers have revolutionized the modern-day car by making it safer, more reliable, and more enjoyable. The computer allows for many electronic features.

These include:

In general, the computer has had an enormous positive effect on our modern-day automobiles. They will only get better in the future.



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