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Equity of International Digital Divide

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  1. What is the Digital Divide?
    • The term "digital divide" refers to the situation faced in the world today where some people have access to information technology while others do not. Introduction Center For Democracy & Technology
    • The International Digital Divide is the division of those countries in the world which have or do not have access to information technology. What is international digital divide?Alan Larson
    • The digital divide exists not only between countries but also within most countries. This gap generally occurs between urban and rural inhabitants.
  2. What are the dangers of the Digital Divide?
    • The World could potentially be divided into those who are "information rich" and those who are "information poor". Communication technologies are increasingly important in many areas such as: economic development, education, health care, and governance. Danger of digital divide Center For Democracy & Technology
  3. What is being done to solve the problem of the digital divide?
    • As early as the year 2000, The UN was holding conferences about closing the digital divide. UN forum seeks to close global digital divide Reuters (07/05/00)
    • On March 14th 2005, after years of debate, the United Nations launched a “Digital Solidarity Fund”. The Real Digital Divide
    • Expert Larry Irving estimates that the internet will be virtually global in five to seven years, but that the problem of putting the infrastructures in place has to first be solved. In other words, alot of money will be necessary to fix this problem. Losing Ground bit by bit Black, Jane. BBC News Online

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