Electromagnetic Radiation

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1.                 What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

o        What is Electromagnetic Radiation? Wikipedia

o        Electromagnetic Radiation Lawrence Berkeley Lab


2.                 Is Electromagnetic Radiation harmful to us?

o        What is EMR? Global QuanTech USA (*NEW*)

o        [EMR] Test Results Global QuanTech USA (*NEW*)

o        Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threat ONzine


3.                 Common Sources of Electromagentic Radiation: Mobile Phones

o        Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Mobile Telephones WHO (*NEW*)

o        Radiation Scare from Mobile Phones Dr. Patrick Dixion , Global Change daily news

o        British Scientists Demand Warnings For Cellular Phones Kirstin Ridley, Reuters Ratville Times

o        Children and Mobile Phones...Is There A Health Risk? EMfacts Consultancy (*NEW*)

o        Cellphone Radiation Protection Cellphone Defense (*NEW*)


4.                 Common Sources of Electromagentic Radiation: Other

o        We Want You to Know About Television Radiation FDA

o        Wireless Electronic Devices and Health Wikipedia (*NEW*)

o        Video Terminals and Health: A Reawakening of Concern Philip M. Boffey, The New York Times (*NEW*)

o        Video Display Terminal Operators (Electromagnetic Fields) NIOSH (*NEW*)

o        EMF Devices: An Explanation Juliette Pickup, Buzzle.com (*NEW*)

o        The EMF Safety Store The EMF Safety Store (*NEW*)


5.                 How Much EM Radiation is Around You?

o        Scientific Facts About Electromagnetic Radiation RainForestInfo (*NEW*)


6.                 Extra Links

o        Weekend Eating: Mobile Cooking Wymsey Weekend (*NEW*)

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