Repetitive-Stress Injury
RSI Study Guide

Study Guide

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injuries. RSI covers all injuries inflicted on the musculoskeletal system by repetitive motions. While the only RSI that many people have heard of is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), CTS only makes up a small percentage of all RSI cases. RSI affects people in all kinds of jobs; workers in manufacturing as well as technology jobs. With the growing demand for technical workers, the number of RSI related problems has also grown. Although the government takes this issue seriously, in the recent years, legislation intended to help employees have been voted down.

With the information from the index page, consider the following.

  • Should the government regulate how companies deal with RSI or should it be left to the companies themselves to decide?
  • Should RSI injuries be included in workers' compensation coverage?
  • Who should bear the responsibility of preventing RSI? The employees or the employers?
  • Read the following article. Is it right for employees to demand so much compensation for RSI?
  • How does the unethical behavior of falsely claiming RSI disability affect the work environment? employers? Fellow employees?

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