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Opposition to Privacy Legislation in United States
Productivity and Legal Issues
  • Your Boss Knows You're Reading This, Reuters , New York.  Employee privacy in the United States is under siege as old rules for what employers can and cannot monitor give way to a regime of everyday observation, patchy legal protections and conflicting business priorities.
  • Workers, Surf at Your Own Risk, Michelle Conlin, Business Week.  Companies increase surveillance, increasing employee distrust.
  • Legal Issues Involved in Monitoring Employees' Internet and E-Mail Usage, Douglas M. Towns,  Many companies electronically monitor their employees' Internet and e-mail usage, but doing so can lead to lawsuits by employees who believe their privacy is being invaded. However, in a number of reported cases, the employees' legal claims have failed. This article explains the legal issues related to workplace monitoring and offers practical tips companies can take to protect themselves.
  • Employee Monitoring: Is There Privacy in the Workplace? Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.   Employers want to be sure their employees are doing a good job, but employees don't want their every sneeze or trip to the water cooler logged. That's the essential conflict of workplace monitoring.
  • Know your rights when it comes to web monitoring,  Discipline, rules, regulations, policies, and more.
  • Internet monitoring at work and employee privacy, Joe Twarog, Labor Education & Training.  Mail that is addressed to you at work and marked “Confidential” is picked up by your supervisor. The nurse manager proceeds to open the letter and read the contents, then calls you into her office and disciplines you for what the confidential letter said about herself and the employer.
  • High-Tech Snooping All in Day's Work, Greg Miller, Los Angeles Times.   Firms create and use software to prevent employee casual surfing; powerful computer forensics tools used also expose employee personal problems.
  • Is Big Brother - or His Server - Watching You? Gene Koprowski, WIRED magazine. SilverStone Software Corp. has introduced com.Policy, a management tool and software application that allows businesses to combat computer-misuse on the job, by monitoring all computer activity.
  • Nailing the Company Spies, Jeffrey Benner, WIRED magazine. Last summer, Raytheon rolled out its first IT product, a revolutionary network security program called SilentRunner.
  • Procom Stores Web Usage, Byte and Switch.   As web surfing at work increases dramatically, more and more companies are taking a closer look at their Internet reporting needs, with an emphasis on compliance with new regulations such as HIPAA and ...

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