Chain Letters
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Discussion Questions

Study about Chain Letters then answer the following questions 

Chain Letter Advice 

  1. What action should you take when you receive a chain letter? 
  2. Are chain letters illegal? Why or why not? 
  3. What is unethical about chain letters? What type of unethical behavior is needed to send a typical chain letter? 
  4. Describe the tactics that the authors of chain letters use to perpetuate the continuation of their chain letters. 
  5. What are some of the problems that chain letters can cause within a business or organization? 
  6. What do you propose as a solution to stop chain letters across the Internet? 
  7. What type of damage can chain letters create? What are some of the consequences that an individual might face when receiving or sending a chain letter?

Organization Policy on Chain Letters

  1. What are some of the policies of organizations in United States ,such as the postal service, use to prevent chain letters?
  2. What are some common characteristics that some organizations use with the prevention of chain letters? What are some differences?
  3. In your opinion, what type of organization should construct a policy of chain letters via the Internet?
  4. Why are chain letters a problem within organizations?
  5. What are some steps that you would take as a leader within your organization to stop chain letters?
  6. How can chain letters be used to harm an organization? What are some ethical implications of this type of harm?

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